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On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Payroll and FairWork

Payroll and FairWork Information Requirements There are many legal obligations that an employer is bound by. As soon as you engage employees, you will most likely have tax and superannuation obligations at the least, and there are many more issues to consider when employing people. It is the legal responsibility of the employer to pay
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Making Payments on Your Behalf

If you engage a bookkeeper/BAS agent to make payments on your behalf, you need to take care of security issues as this can be risky. Ensuring you have appropriate procedures and security controls in place and that you and your staff follow these at all times is very important. Inadequate internal controls can leave the
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Business Compliance

There are many aspects of legal obligation and compliance that apply to a business owner. We recommend you review this list to become aware of all the areas that may apply to your business. This list is not exhaustive. There may be other obligations that apply to your business; for example, if you are in a
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Annual Shutdowns

Annual Shutdowns Many businesses have a scheduled period of closing business operations during the Christmas and New Year period. How an employer must treat this depends on the award or agreement the employee is governed by. These guidelines apply to permanent employees—casual employees do not have to be paid during a scheduled shut down. Award
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Use of Software

Businesses that utilise software with online storage of their data should be aware of the terms and conditions of use the software providers publish. You should also be aware of the Privacy Principles that govern how your business data and personal information is utilised by your accounting software provider. Access to Your Data It is
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Private Expenses

Allowing for Private Expenses The ATO acknowledges that at times it is convenient for a business owner to purchase goods through their business that are in fact for private use, and also that there are goods that are purchased that may legitimately be used for both home and work purposes. There is no problem with
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Rights and Obligations in Relation to BAS Services

As your BAS Agent, Ringwood Bookkeeping BAS Agent #93258002, we are required by the Tax Practitioners Board to advise you as needed on your rights and obligations in relation to the BAS services we provide. Currently we provide the following BAS services: GST matters PAYG Withholding PAYG Instalments Superannuation TPAR We are able to advise you on
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Taxable Payments Annual Report

From 1st July 2012, businesses in the building and construction industry are required to report annually to the ATO all subcontractors that provide building services. The report is aimed at capturing services (labour) provided, rather than goods. If a contractor supplies both goods and services, then whether the contractor is included in the report is
On May 5, 2017

How to Save Money on Bookkeeping

Most bookkeepers, whether employees or contractors, work on an hourly basis. As such, the more time they have to spend chasing info from their clients, the more costly it is. How do you save money on bookkeeping? Here are some tips on how to lighten your bookkeeper’s load, and therefore lighten your bill! ACCESS TO INFO
On April 29, 2017

Single Touch Payroll

Your Payroll seen by the ATO ….. All Year The Single Touch Payroll (STP) legislation has received Royal Assent. It is law and is going to happen! Who? All “substantial” employers, (20 or more employees by headcount), must participate. The count happens as of 30 April each year, commencing 2018. You must then enter STP