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On November 4, 2021

Mandatory Director Identification

Director ID Implementation With the implementation of the Director Identification Numbers (DIN’s or Director ID’s) pending, it will be important to understand the new obligations for those operating in the capacity of a Director, as failure to apply for a DIN within the required time frame will leave you open to both criminal and civil
On August 20, 2021

Employment Contract Tool

Helping Small Business Create Employment Contracts have created a build your own employment contract, for an employee under Australia’s Fair Work System, that is tailored to your business needs. Making your employee’s pay and conditions clear from the start can help protect your business in the long term. It helps small business employers to
On February 26, 2021

The future of business is digital

    With the current focus on a change in tax record-keeping obligations to encompass all things digital plus the need to businesses to adapt to a new era in the way they operate, going digital is more important than ever. The virtual world that we’re currently living in doesn’t allow for the same face-to-face
On November 13, 2020

Embrace Go Local First

Australia has over 3.5million small businesses. Small businesses contribute to a third of our economic activity, keep millions of Australians in jobs and are responsible for paying wages to almost half our workforce. They are vital to our everyday lives – especially now we are trying to find the way to economic recovery. Go Local
On May 5, 2020

COVID-19 Business Support

There is plenty of information coming out about the current stimulus packages. You already know about Cashboost and JobKeeper. But do you know about: Rent relief Power bill relief Bank charges/merchant fee/interest relief Business Loans with generous terms ATO debt relief Fair Work changes to some Awards to allow for standdowns, changes of hours, and
On November 17, 2017

Am I in business?

When does a hobby become a business? We often get asked: at what point does a growing hobby need to be registered as a business? Here are some handy pointers: Business Victoria: So you want to start a business? ATO: Are you in business?
On November 17, 2017

How do I start a business? Info for startups

We’re always being asked: how do I get my great idea off the ground and start earning a living from it? Well, we’ve been there and done that, and work with plenty of business owners who started with a side project before turning it into a profitable startup! Here’s a compilation of some sites to
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Contactor or Employee

This document is intended to raise an area of possible concern for discussion and to provide information about workers who may be engaged as contractors but should be engaged as employees. To remain compliant with the laws of Payroll Tax, Workers Compensation and Superannuation Guarantee, an independent contractor must pass a number of tests to
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Making Payments on Your Behalf

If you engage a bookkeeper/BAS agent to make payments on your behalf, you need to take care of security issues as this can be risky. Ensuring you have appropriate procedures and security controls in place and that you and your staff follow these at all times is very important. Inadequate internal controls can leave the
On May 5, 2017

Business Information Sheet – Business Compliance

There are many aspects of legal obligation and compliance that apply to a business owner. We recommend you review this list to become aware of all the areas that may apply to your business. This list is not exhaustive. There may be other obligations that apply to your business; for example, if you are in a