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On April 29, 2017

What it Means to be an ICB Certified Bookkeeper

A Member of ICB (MICB) attains certification by proving that they have performed bookkeeping services at a significant level for a period exceeding two years and by doing so they have proven their level of bookkeeping knowledge. Members have achieved the Certificate IV Financial Services (Bookkeeping). This qualification recognises a bookkeeper’s skills and competence formally
On April 2, 2017

Salary Sacrifice in Quickbooks

Previously in Quickbooks, in order to have salary sacrifice calculate correctly, two payroll items – a Company Contribution Item and a Deduction item – needed to be set up.  This has been amended in new Quickbooks versions since 2009/10 to a single payroll item, and now ensures that the process has been simplified immensely. The example
On April 2, 2017

What it means to be a BAS Agent

The term “BAS Agent” typically applies to a business who contracts to a client to provide services to that client to do with their BAS obligations. The new legislation was implemented with a view to providing business with protection and security. It is about the qualifications, experience, competence, professionalism of us as an external person
On April 2, 2017

Free Point Of Sale System / Till Info Sheet

If you have a small retail business, this is a handy resource for your register staff and for whoever records the daily takings in your accounting system. This free info sheet helps explain why it is important to balance your register at the end of the day, and what elements to look for if it