On April 8, 2020

Auskey is ceasing on 27th March 2020


Any business that uses the Governments Small Business Superannuation Clearing House directly will NOT be able to use Auskey after 27 March 2020.

The March quarter super payments are due before 28th April!
Auskey is ceasing on 27th March 2020.
Business will have to:
  1. Have the authorised person of the business establish their myGovID
  2. Then link the business through the Relationship Authorisation Manager to the Authorised Person
  3. Then (if applicable)
    1. Have any person who needs to use the Clearing House establish their myGovID
    2. Invite the individual who processes the Super to attach to the business using their myGovID
  4. When logging into the Business Portal or the Clearing house the individual will
    1. Launch the Portal / Clearing house from their Internet Browser
    2. Choose myGovID as the login system
    3. Accept the code on their myGovID app on their phone
    4. Use the Portal / Clearing house on the browser as per normal
NOTE: This does not mean you have to use your phone to process the Super Payments. You are using the phone as a 2FA (two factor authentication) device system. The Internet Browser applications etc are still run from your computer.
This does not mean any data nor is your identity details stored on your phone. The only thing on your phone is the app and its connection to the security system.
myGovID is a persons personal digital identity – it is controlled by the individual.
A Business invites individuals to use myGovID to access various programs or websites.
Many businesses are providing a device ($99 phone) for use in the workplace with just the myGovID app utilising Wi-Fi as the means to enabling employees to perform the necessary work without having constant access to their private phone.

Australia goes Digital

As Australia continues its journey to being a digitally enabled economy, cyber security and personal identity protection are important. Government has established the Digitial Identity Framework with myGovID being the first system to enable enhanced security.
Credit: ICB Australia


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